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Nepalese & Indian Cuisine

About Us

About Us

Authentic Nepalese Cusine Takeaway

Gurkha Kitchen is the first Nepalese Takeaway in the North East of Scotland, and presents an outstanding experience which is prepared with great care and attention, with no room for short cut methods. We look forward to sharing with you a part of our culture and hope that you enjoy your meal.

Nepal has many geographical regions and this is reflected in the preparations of food, which varies from region to region. The best way to describe the Nepalese style of cooking is to call it blend of Indian and Tibetan cooking, blended together with the subtle spices of the Himalayas. It is a mixture of fresh vegetable, grilled meats, curries and much more flavored with spices such as garlic, cumin, coriander and cilantro to name a few.

The Gurkhas are world famous soldiers, highly prized in the British army and known for their ravery and courage. They come from the mountains kingdom of Nepal, which nestles in the Himalayas bordering Tibet in the north and India on its southern foothills.